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The African Football Club and Sports Management Business Group Association (SMBGASSO) have established a pioneer partnership centered on sports education and sports career development/ enhancement

The African Football Club is pleased to announce the signing of a pioneer partnership focused on sports education and  … Read more

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  • Soft Launch (pre-World Cup 2022) event – details to follow
  • Pre-World Cup Big Circle Africa – South Africa 2022 – details to follow
  • Big Circle Africa (The Afrika Centre Qatar 2022) – details to follow


In conjunction with the African Football Scouts and Coaches Association, the African Football Academy will cater for the needs of the African youth in areas of capacity building and enhancement of knowledge of football. 
Our Academy will NOT be a Players’ Academy (Africa has enough of that).
Our focus will be on developing the youth and intellect of Africa in the areas of Coaching, Refereeing, Administration and Governance, Sports Science, Data Analysis, Sports Psychology and Mentoring – many of the areas that complete a football organisation.
Our aim – to see a truly self-sustaining football culture developed in Africa, based on principles of professionalism and self-sustenance. To provide cross-relationships where Africans can tap into the professional resources of each other regardless of countries of origin.
More details later…

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The African Football Club
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Message From the Club Captain

“At The African Football Club, every member is a Player’. That is our slogan, and that is what we aim to work towards. To ensure that every member of the football fraternity has a sense of belonging and can partake in the game, bar going on to the pitch. How? By providing and ensuring dignity, entertainment and enlightenment for the discerning African football follower. To allow us all to identify with the game we love so much, in a way we love to so much, and in general and collective support of a continent that we love so much.

We started out with a desire to bring togetherness, unity, solidarity but a willingness to grow the game and grow our continent, and we are stopping at nothing in ensuring that. We have a team of diverse but committed people behind us, raring to go into the continent to achieve this dream. They are the defenders, the attackers, and most importantly the midfield (nucleus) of our operations as a goal-getting team, out to serve you, out to integrate you, out to embrace you and out to build our continent.

Follow me on this journey. It is for all of us, and it is one that everyone will find something or other that is worthy of pride to be a part of the institution that is AFRICAN FOOTBALL.”

Tunde Adelakun


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Everton FC star Alex Iwobi has given his endorsement to the initiative of the African Football Club. The Nigerian international and nephew of African football legend Jay Jay Okocha chose to identify with the cause of the Club, and released a video to that effect, calling on people to join and be a part of it.

The Club is for everyone that cares for African football, that supports African football and that sees a future, a positive future in everything African, using football.

Alex will be one of many. But we are proud that he has blazed the trail of big name endorsements and believers in what we are doing.

Join now and let us explore how we all can benefit from being co-supporters of this common cause.

Why You Should Join Us

With The African Football Club you can actively be and feel a part of the game of football in Africa – partaking in the game meaningfully

Support African teams in global competitions

Bespoke Football Tourism Experience

We create football trips around African teams and interests for you.

Special Africa-esque Events around the world

Education and Enlightenment

Capacity building and enhancement of the African youth through football

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